Multi-Unit Ownership


For some, going from one unit to two may feel like a giant leap. We get it. Owning more than one franchise restaurant location is a big commitment, which is why having a supportive franchisor in your corner is critical. For those inexperienced with multi-unit ownership, there are many benefits to owning and operating several Glory Days Grills, including increased profit potential to operational efficiency. Let’s dive in.

Increased Profit Potential

The more stores, the more opportunity you have at overall success! The expenses per unit decrease as you’re able to spread your infrastructure costs over multiple locations, increasing your purchasing power. Amazing, right?

Greater Market Share

Owning several stores in one territory allows you to saturate a market, which gives you an advantage over the competition. Owning multiple units in an area also establishes a greater community presence. And since giving back is one of our pillars of focus, owning multiple locations makes it easier to create strong ties with the surrounding community, giving your neighbors a sense of belonging.

Operational Efficiency

At this point you’re practically a pro! Since you’re already familiar with operational processes and procedures, it will be easier to utilize your experience from opening your existing restaurants and apply that knowledge to your new locations. While the Glory Days Grill Franchise Manager will always be available to provide support and expertise along the way, you can also rely on your own experience to act as your guide – we call that a win-win.

Local Store Marketing Power

As a multi-unit owner, you have the opportunity to develop a more cohesive marketing strategy. How? Consider this. As a multi-unit operator, you have the opportunity to work within a co-op to share your marketing investment so you can increase the impact of your local store marketing power.
Some multi-unit owners may just be comfortable with two units – others with ten! We want to help you find a level that suits you best. Are you ready to get started? We welcome you to request more information by filling out our Information Request Form or calling us at 703-981-5441.

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