Who is the Competition?

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For starters, we’re not like other sports themed restaurants. Our focus isn’t solely on how many TV screens we can fit within one establishment (although we do like a lot of TVs). What sets us apart from the rest? Simple. We’re the whole package!

We distinguish ourselves as a family-oriented restaurant where watching real-time entertainment, enjoying a meal from our award-winning menu, and receiving outstanding service can all take place under one roof. And those three pillars of focus are what have made us the neighborhood favorite for over 23 years.

At Glory Days Grill, we take pride in having something to offer everyone. From a diverse menu for all tastes, and an array of kid friendly options (including cartoons on TV), to a cold beer during the big game – it’s no wonder we attract crowds of all ages.

Our award-winning executive chef works hard daily to create new specials and seasonal offerings to keep the selection fresh. Plus, with our ever-changing schedule of activities and events – each day brings a new excitement and energy to our restaurants.

Since our inception, Glory Days Grill has recognized the importance of giving back to our local community. We’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as the go-to place after the local little league game, and we recognize the value of providing our guests a place they can feel comfortable with a sense of togetherness.

Our guests’ devotion and loyalty to the restaurant is only part of the playbook. Our franchisees thrive because we’ve figured out the formula to success: one part food, one part sports, and one part community. Our three pillars of focus, as we like to call them, are our business model – and it works. We have established a solid foundation, with over two decades of existence, where our founders are still involved in all aspects of the business today and always willing to provide their expertise.

We can only provide the best service to our community if we have the best people in the business on board (yes, we’re looking at you). If this sounds like something you want to be apart of, please fill out our information request form today!

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